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Originally Posted by sheva-pippo View Post
Yeah I have heard that LOTGH needs your patience and attention for it to be fully enjoyed, so yeah I'm going to watch it with that in mind.

If you like Cowboy Bebop then you should watch Samurai Champloo too.

I like to think that you have already watched Fullmetal Alchemist brother hood, if not then it's a must.

Hunter X Hunter ( Arguably the greatest shounen ever made )

Monster ( watch it for the antagonist )

Code Geass is pretty good too.

Daily lives of highschool boys ( it's quite funny )

I mean If you could have shared the type of genre you like then it would have been easier to recommend titles but these are the ones that I can recall at the moment.
ah yes, shamploo also good

the rest i have seen too except daily live of hs boys
i will give it a go tonight, thanks

i dont really like one genre, there is so much goodness
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