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Luka Modric is a cunt. I admit I want to see him in Chelsea, but I'm fed up with players who think it's their right not honor their contract. He wants to leave, okay I'm fine with that, but he shouldn't blast Levy for not selling him when only last summer he signed a six year contract.

Even if there was a "gentleman's agreement" to let him go if a big club comes in. You signed a contract, you abide by it. He's acting like he's being victimized. Cunt. I hope Spurs don't sell.

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You really skipped Math didn't you ?
I don't think it's math.

What does math have to do with the fact that "manutd fan" does, in fact, not support City?

Unless he was referring to Utd with the nickname Man Shitty. Then in that case he's just really good with nicknames.
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