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Originally Posted by Jasper View Post
I still don't see a connection to you or anyone in the linked/reported post.
Originally Posted by Jasper View Post
I see it as indirect. In Estonia, for example, there was a discussion about names and sentence 'commies to the oven'. What came out was if names are written with small-letters through, they are indirect. Therefor cannot be judged. Free speech.
oh reall what an excuse, Az Know well that i'm share the mentality and thinking way of Masster and i posted that clearly in my beginnings to this forum participation.

Please tell me that you don't want to do it as simply it is; but describing reason worst than mistake is not acceptable especially from guy like you.

Edit: I'm not against free speech, I can easily post quotes that rude people here, as simple as it is, but as i know we are in place that we discuss issue in proper way not in barbarian way.

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