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Originally Posted by radioactivenerd
The guy was ranked third in the european golden boot last season with 34 goals in 30 games or something.
he has been a goalscoring machine for the last couple of years, more goals than games.
no big club has been interested in him, and he hasnt recieved a national team callup either if im not mistaken.
my not be a bad investment, to satisfy the insatiable brazilian fetish of berlu.
I have a feeling Alves will be a goalscoring machine if he plays for a top club. For some reason he reminds me of what Samuele Etoo did when he played for Real Mallorca and then went to Barca. He just got better with a better supporting cast.

I'd love to have the guy in Milan 'cos for the most part Eredivise players who go to big clubs elsewhere seem to do well. For sure the supporting cast at Milan will be a much better than the guys around him at Heerenveen and he should do well.
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