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Originally Posted by tschief View Post
i cant think of a scenario where 6 points will not be enoughh, care to elaborate?

with 6 points we?re at 78.

- lazio can not get us as their max is 76 points even if they win all games.
- juve can only get up to 78 points if they win it all, and even then we have the H2
- napoli can get to 79 points, so they might overtake us if they win it all
- atalanta can overtake us, they can get to 81 if they beat us (and our 6 points are not partly taken from them)

even in this ?worst case? scenario we are still on fourth, right?
Turns out I was right for the wrong reasons, there's a scenario we don't qualify with 6 points if Atalanta, Milan and Juve end up in a 3 way tie, depending on our result with Atalanta. Thanks to namarov for the elaboration:

Just wanted to let you know - regarding the last game thread - that there is one scenario when 6 pts do not guarantee us CL spot. That is when
- Napoli wins all their games and finishes with 79 pts (2nd place)
- Juve wins all remainng games
- we win our next two games
- Atalanta gets 3 pts from next 2 games
- we loose the last game against Atalanta

We end up in a 3-way tie between us, Atalanta and Juve (all at 78 pts)

In a "little table" we are last:

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