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Originally Posted by taura View Post
this doesn't make sense to me. if we're all tied on points, both us and atalanta have the h2h advantage over juve so we should both end up being above them?
In a 3 way tie on points, the head 2 head accounts for all 3 teams, not just Milan v Juve and Milan v Atalanta.

It takes into account all 4 games, in which case, IF Milan don't win against Atalanta in the last match:

- Milan will have won 3 points from 4 games against Juve & Atalanta.
- Juve will have won 4 points from 4 games against Milan & Atalanta.
- Atalanta will have won 10 points from 4 games against Milan and Juventus.

In this scenario, Milan will have earned the least amount of points, and thus will be ranked last place.

This case is highly unlikely unless Juve manage to take all 9 points off their last 3 matches, but they play Sassuolo, Inter before Bologna last round.
But it's still a possibility.

Best case is to ignore what the other teams do and just earn the 6 points from the next 2 matches.
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