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Ehem.. david?? Can i give you some opinion?? I know this is your site, and you have the power to fix the forum...

Ok, i agree with your reason to stop the avatars and sig for a week... but hey i think it's has no affect... ok it's affecting the old member, but NOT THE NEW ONE... they will place a big picture on their sig or avatars.

Somehow, i know the people in this forum just by looking from his/her sig or avatars... like if i see cute girl then i know it's K-J, if i see nesta in the sig then i know it's mellanie, and so on... what i'm trying to tell you here is avy or sig is kind of symbol or EXPRESSION of the user...

I'm maybe one of some member that you defend from big sig or avatars coz i still use a dial-up connection.. but in my opinion by stop sig or avatars for a week doesn't solve any problem.. if you stop sig or avatars forever, it will be no cool forum again. And perhaps the member here will be trying to find some other forum which have more interest than yours, it always easy to find a new member but it's hard to make those member stay

The only thing in my mind maybe if you're busy you could ask another one or two persons to help you eliminate the big avy or sig, and ask them not to do it again... (or maybe you could do it by yourself)

Anyway it just my opinion...


PS : I love my Brigate Rossonere avatars (the skull), i get it from BRN off. site, would you please not to eliminate that?? It's really hard to find that cool avatars.. and i'm proud to have that...please..

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