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I will not kiss ass based on potential and dreams of fulfilling them..

Hakan is wearing #10 i expect him to play at least like some sort of footballer with technical abilities but instead we get another version of Abate playing LCM/LW

Gattusos job may be to protect sensitive hakan but it isnt mine
Noone asks you to kiss his ass, but its troubling you were all over skriniars when he didnt play like #whatever CB and made Zapata look like Nesta compared to him. Be consistent then. And you can expect whatever, if the player is mentally weak and injured, he will not play like Messi, its not rocket science. If you want, call him a pussy, cuck(many will approve, one of the fav words here), porcelain , whatever, dont call him a back pass playmaker when you clearly saw he wasnt like that last season and when he was healthy. You fucking SAW him dishing out forward passes multiple times. Backpasses happen when you dont have confidence you can carry the ball forward cause you barely move on the field like Hakan yesterday. Comparing him to Abate has clearly showed you've lost your mind. Abate has always been around the same quality. Hakan is clearly playing at 35% of his potential.

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