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Originally Posted by seveners View Post
Tbh i'm getting bored because of lack participants
I know where you are coming from, for me, at times near the end it can feel like a bit of a chore posting and updating for only a few diehard participants.
I would love to have more regulars, but if it's not meant to be, then I am happy to provide the service to whomever wants to participate.

Originally Posted by necromancer View Post
Yes.. and I thought it was the same in the last couple of years. Only some 8-9 participants hang around for the whole season, many of them drop out when they miss a few rounds or feel they can’t make the top. Personally, I’m ok with the attritional nature of this competition.

But if ulladullau wants to spruce it up, then a good way might be to look at knockouts, mini leagues etc.. which won’t be season long contests but smaller games within.
I started the "Champions League" knockout add-on the season before last, I thought it was a nice little add. There were a few less participants last year so I thought it wouldn't work too well. I'm happy to bring it back, along with any other suggestions.

Originally Posted by Mexes5 View Post
Yeah i tend to give up if I miss 2-3 times, i'll try and be consistent as I can this time around.

Originally Posted by ernestinho View Post
If this SAPL Idea is improved with the introduction of an APP, i dont see why it wont be a sucess.
I'm too old for that
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