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Originally Posted by Jivara View Post
Have you seen Ronaldo last few games he looked like the worst player on the pitch

He is one of the luckiest players I've ever seen.. almost Inzaghi level of luck.. maybe you can call it persistency.. but half his goals are penalties and that second goal should have been saved

Watching Juve vs Udinese and our match yesterday.. I couldn't help but think how poor the quality of the league has become.. I think it might also indicate how fatigued the players are
I think the league is on an upward trajectory quality wise. The top 6 sides generally have better squads now than they did 5 years ago.

I do, however, agree that the players look fatigued. I was literally shocked the other day against Benevento. It looked like both teams had agreed on playing the game in slow-motion. Juve too looked horrendous against Udinese so maybe the game in Turin comes down to which team is the least gassed.
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