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I also think Pioli is learning from Guardiola, he literally mentioned this in the Juve postgame. He mentioned playing a false nine like him and playing with fewer forwards but with more players running into the box. Brahim plays pretty much a free role, he moves wide right, sometimes switches with Hakan, drops deep, runs into space, you can see him everywhere. Rebic also dropped very deep for a lone striker. He wasn't standing high waiting for a cross. I think this is clearly a shift that happened recently with the Hakan switch to LM. We get the ball and Theo is our LM and Hakan is free to find space in midfield and move around with Brahim to keep the ball moving. Then when we lose the ball we fall back to a solid 4411. The key point being when we have the ball we don't just go for a cross and hope, since the forward isn't staying static. We overload the midfield and then attack suddenly when there's an opening.
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