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Originally Posted by Wild View Post
Also people who are saying we have foundations comes next season are delusional.
What foundation ?!!!!
The Kessie-Ben duo that isnt working anymore ?
Or the bet on Tona that proved its failure with an average player like Meite out performing him ?

The Theo project that isbt as impressive as months ago ?

Whats working ?
Hakan as a creative force who is yet to extend ?
Are we safe if he stayed with his attitude yesterday ?
If he left are we gonna get an equal creator ?

Ibra ? How many game can he play next season ?
Will we get a ST ?

Will we get a right winger ?

Do we have a reliable left winger ?
Rebic is inconsistent so we need a LW to challenge him & i dont think Leao is that player.

Diaz is a luxury & easy to shut down.

Where are we ready next season ?
Donna who is yet to sign an extension ?!!
He is a great GK but i want him out with his brother.
So , we need a GK.

If Roma left then we need a 20mil CD.
So between Tomo & That 3rd Cd we need 50mil only on CDs.
Do we even have those with the obligation of paying Tona's & our budget could be done.

Am not being pessimistic here , just pointing out what we are gonna face next season so feel free to counter argument my points.
All of the above got x2 complicated without the CL.
Donna , Hakan situations specially.
Its also insane to expect having bigger budget without CL.

1. 40 year old injury prone Ibra. 70 year old injury prone Mandzukic.
2. Mediocre back-up mids - Tonali & Meite.
3. No Gigio, No Hakan.
4. Even Tomori & Diaz are uncertain.
5. Mediocre coach Pioli.

Originally Posted by VultureSheva View Post
Pioli, Calabria, Kjaer, Tonali, Krunic - The overrated frauds

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