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Default Avatars & Signatures Rules

It has been brought to my attention, and I must agree, that the avatars and signatures on this forum are getting out of hand.

Since I don't want to disable images in signatures, nor do I want to disallow external avatars, I've made up some extra rules for them:
> no image in a signature should be larger than 468x200 [in pixels]
> only ONE image is allowed in a signature
> the image in the signature should be no larger than 25KB. Same for avatars.
> avatars should be no larger than 100x100

And here are the reasons I've made up these rules:
> there are still people on dial-up, people that can't wait I-don't-know-how-many minutes for a page to load
> 40% of our visitors still have monitors with 800x600 resolutions.
> large image signatures and large avatars completely mess up the current design

So please, take the time to adjust your avatar/signature to the rules above. Remember that the administrators are free to edit your sig and avatar anytime if they don't "fit" the rules; you'll just save us some time.

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