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1. but in my opinion by stop sig or avatars for a week doesn't solve any problem..

2. if you stop sig or avatars forever

3. The only thing in my mind maybe if you're busy you could ask another one or two persons to help you eliminate the big avy or sig, and ask them not to do it again... (or maybe you could do it by yourself)

4. PS : I love my Brigate Rossonere avatars (the skull), i get it from BRN off. site, would you please not to eliminate that?? It's really hard to find that cool avatars.. and i'm proud to have that...please..
1. You would have never read a thread like this [and if not you, then many others] if I would not have turned off avatars/sigs.

2. Nobody said that.

3. Done it before, to no avail. Look at milan_my_love, for example. He read my first post in this thread, said "OK", and then he sticks one huge avatar/sig. When we'll turn them on again we'll remove the big sized images/sigs ourselves from those that haven't done so themselves.

4. Read my posts again, please. I just turned off avatars and sigs. They're all fine and healthy were they are. I just told them to take a break for a week.

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