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Originally Posted by ferruginouz
The only thing in my mind maybe if you're busy you could ask another one or two persons to help you eliminate the big avy or sig, and ask them not to do it again... (or maybe you could do it by yourself)
that's why we have 3 site administrators. we've all removed numerous avatars and signatures but, as david said, they just keep coming back. it's getting annoying for site admin to spend 80% of their time on the forum removing other ppl's sigs and avatars.

i love to see the colorful pix and as the one who loves graphic, talking about milan in this forum will be more cool by having graphics on it..
i couldn't agree any more. but the problem is that these graphics simply became too BIG any ppl stopped carring if other users need 5 minutes to open a page because of their signatures. few weeks ago a user, i don't remember who it was, had a 600Kb gif image in his signature. that takes 3-4 minutes to download on a dial-up connection. and then it has to be downloaded every time i, or any other dial-up user, open a page where that guy posted. nobody wants or needs that

maybe the admin should think, how to limit the size of avatar and sign..
i think this wd b better,
for e.g., everybody must have 60x60 sized of ava, or something..
the size of avatars and sigs IS limited in the forum rules, but you cannot FORCE somebody to have a small avatar as the forum script doesn't allow that. that's why all the problems
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