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Originally Posted by FuturisticMilan View Post
Nothing to play for? Cagliari didn't have anything to play for as well and we saw what happened. Osasuna had nothing to play for but still made things hard for Atletico.

Atalanta on the other hand is playing for their best spot ever in history + additional price money from Lega and UEFA for ending up being second which will make a difference of about 10 mil euro by ending 2nd instead of 3rd.

Even if they are tired and we play well, you can rest assure that we will get 1-0, playing defensively for the rest of the game, and then see how Atalanta scores in the last minute. Fuck this loser team. Fuck Pioli, fuck Gazidis, fuck pussy curva sud, fuck champions league, fuck italian football and their corruption. I couldn't care less if we lose a CL spot if that means we sack Pioli and Elliott sells the club to some arab. We are the new Arsenal for many years to come.

[emoji28] i dont see that guy now that we are in CL
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