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Default Official R&B user appreciation thread

Ok this thread is simple. As the name suggests this thread is to thank/show love to other users on the forum.

I was inspired to make this after being on the receiving end of some mega kindness by hdcantonna and cristina, both of whom I wasn’t on exactly good terms with at the time. I try to be friends with everybody on the forum but it rarely works out that way. At the time Cristina was always barging in my arguments with a certain user and hd was ANOTHER manure fan on our forum. Yet the kindness they showed me of late is worth at least this thread.

Thanks guys  I created a similar thread on Milan Mania…my first Milan forum outside But since I’ve taken up (uninvited) residence here I decided to make one here as well.

There’s only ONE rule for this thread……EVERYTHING said about other users must be positive. Pirlo hate is permitted since he’s not a poster at R&B
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