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Originally Posted by leaf View Post
To The Outstanding Moderating Team of the R&B Forums:

Let me begin by expressing my undying gratitude for your latest decision. My intent, is not to moonwalk, macarena or even samba on he-who-shall-not-be named's electronic grave. Instead it is to simply and humbly express my undying gratitude for the environmental cleanup that has been sorely needed on the crimson and ebony landscape.

Indeed, the powers that be in their infinite wisdom, have patiently tolerated the lower IQ echelons of our society, dreaming - as we all do - of a better day. Sadly some have not embraced such undeserved kindness with the zeal and gusto that others have. There comes a time when your garbage can becomes so filled with refuse, that it becomes a breeding ground for vile creatures who are incapable of stringing even the most basic of coherent sentences. Such vermin will crawl every and anywhere, spreading their sickness of vitriol and disingeniuty wherever they post.

There comes a time when even the venerable patience of the lofty yet homble gatekeepers of the mount Olympus must act before the cancers that plague our burgeoning society become malignant and indeed wreak havoc on our intellectual evolution. When one becomes so mentally eviscerated that he even begins to praise the long maned and newly bearded traitor (who also shall not be named) then an amputation is required. This action, while to the casual onlooker may seem harsh is actually an act of love. It is mercy to sever even a loved member so as to save the body as a whole. I myself have often been a subject of the compassionate discipline of the revered moderation team. Though I have not enjoyed the temporary agony of my incarceration I have them and only them to thank for my complete rehabilitation.

It is with the aforementioned and all the years of yeoman's service that I once again thank thee most profusely from the bottom of my heart

Yours sincerely,

mods messed up dru's mind
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