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Originally Posted by LemonCookies View Post
Yes, use me as a test case where everyone will choose to perma-ban me. This forum will stay a joke so long as moderators don't follow the rules and can't be bothered to enforce them.

Unless the moderators', or someone like me or anyone else who might like to become a moderator, behavior changes immediately, then the forum is still in a bad place. If I'm punished for trolling, then mods can't troll themselves without punishment, nor can there be a long list of rules that mods don't follow, or members can't post according to.

To play the game, A and C should both be warnings, as I read them. B should be a permaban, but I'm not really sure what exactly B refers to. Not being able to use each option more than once, I think, shows why this system is complete shit.
You really could have just shortened this in one sentence saying "I want to be mod" instead of writing paragraphs
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