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Ok I'll appreciate

-Claudia for being awesome and even remembering about me when Maldini is right in front of her.
-Jasper cause he is white, is balding and is hairy...and just remembered he recomended me a movie that I'm yet to see.
-Sod-Lod for of all the detailed advices he has given us (specially the birth control one I guess it was birth control).
-Calum for being scot, and cause he destined to live with the burden of knowing his childhood hero was owned by Cayasso.
-M84 cause he likes my boobs and cause he totally wants me.
-All the guys that are eager to see my boobs (Wet Ones, MilanMB, among others)
-Lisa cause she's super nice
-Cristina cause of her gifs in the Kakabunny thread
-Sophie cause she got a smile back from Flamini
-Capitao for being like he is
-Besfort (who I haven't seen in a while) for stalking me
-Dru cause for some fucked up reason each time I read him talking about something related to T&T this comes to my mind and it makes me happy.
-David for inventing this forum.
-Gaizka for his posts
-Ashish cause he actually believes I'm some sort of evil power for being a mod (I'm very harmless actually).
-Congo cause he brings the love
-Mad cause I realized he really does read each post.
-Sasha ah well cause his pics, even the ones in tighty whities make me laugh.
-The underage pack for being underage.
-The ones that were in the forum longer than me and still post every once in a while.
-Oh the guys in the italian section, unrossonero I know what tamarro is because of you.
-The brits, the gringos, the brazilians, the middle easterns, the asians, the latinos (there aren't many btw), the europeans, the africans, the caribbeans, and those that live in the Pacific.....I appreciate you all.

Brocchi si nasce, campioni si diventa

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