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On Hauge: ?The final decision to get him came with the match between Milan and Bod?/Glimt. I have to thank the ?data area?, who told me about this player back between May and June. We were in full lockdown and we couldn?t travel. I wanted to see this guy live. I need it, because I wanted to see his ability to accelerate, to change paces and his explosiveness. Then, the league was resumed, we were winning games. My guys would tell me many times: ?Geoffrey, look at Hauge?. Then, at the end of the season, I asked my scouts to analyze the matches with videos. Everyone told me something positive about this player. I didn?t even get any negative feedback.?

On love at first sight with Hauge: ?Then came this match. And there we saw something interesting. Also the guys from the technical staff, the match analysts who had prepared the game against Bod?/Glimt for Pioli told me about Hauge. I said to myself ?they talk to me about him as well?? And then the match. Maldini, Massara and Gazidis did well, because immediately after the final whistle they went to talk to Bod?/Glimt and to the player, saying that Milan wanted him. The timing is very important and they were very fast. And then, also the cost of the operation. We are talking about a player between ?3-4m, we had to get him signed. That?s how we do it in our business. It was ?to do? this guy. We also took information about his mentality ? zero problems on that. We got him, we make him to progress, and we don?t put pressure on him. He comes from Norway, there?s no pressure. We have players who are more ready than him like Rebić, Le?o and ?alhanoğlu. He has to work and he is already part of the team, he plays games. An impressive fact is the number of teams that called us immediately after signing with us to get the player on loan? at least 20 teams.?
This is brilliant from the management.


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