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Originally Posted by Goodfella View Post
Being left out of the EL squad........that's gotta be a tough blow.
I can definitely see why Pioli would do it.
We have plenty of other LW options, and he's been down-right poor in his last appearances, although he left on a good note in his last one.

But, still, it's an outcome that I would really like to avoid.
He's young, he's Milan-owned and he's our shared top scorer in EL group-stage. He deserves to play in the knockout stage. This can't be good for his confidence, that was already low.

I think I'd sacrifice Krunic instead. He's been given enough chances and should leave after this season. Terrible as DM. Even outperformed by a right-back. Almost as bad at CAM. Outperformed by Leao, who's not a good fit in that role either.
Supposed to be a defensive impact sub, but we tend to invite opponents into games whenever he replaces a proper attacker.
I rather see Hauge come on, track back like he always does, and punish tired legs and score like he's already done on multiple occasions this season.

Oh well.
I hope he's at least above Mandzukic in the pecking order for the LW spot since it's painfully clear that Mario doesn't have the stamina at this moment to cover all that ground.
Mandzukic is vice-ibra.

I thought the management was planning to loan him out hence why he's out of EL list.

With returning of Rebic on-form, it's gonna be difficult to see him feature again any time soon.
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