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Originally Posted by Goodfella View Post
Victims? He's upset with me because after reading his hilarious takes on Milan affairs, I likened him to Kojak, if he was sniffing glue.
Several months letter he's still upset.
ur nothin but a defenseless little victim...scared to even say where u live

go write another essay on samu ball or on niang or cutrone..or on honda or how de ligt wouldnt start for milan cause of romagnoli..or on the trash pioli u love
or ur essays on andre silva or

Originally Posted by Goodfella View Post
LMAO at the Andre Silva fans waking up because he scored 2 PKs in Bundesfodder tonight.
He's scored 6 non-PKs this season.
Freaking Piatek has 4 in half the minutes, and he's been so bad Hertha are trying to send him back to Genoa.

Could only score against EL farmers when he wore the Milan shirt. One of the worst Milan signings ever. I shall be forever grateful to Frankfurt for bailing us out.
Originally Posted by Goodfella View Post
Won't be rated by Andre Silva fans, like Cutrone.
we dont rate cutrone cause our cognitive capabilities arent limited
99.5% of what u think is
u are samu but then in poster form so like the others i ask u kindly dont try to engage in coversation with me thanks go in the trashbin with the other fodder posters or atleast have tiny ballsack to atleast say where u live..this is an forum and u are scared to answer the question? :lol

goodfella...switched to watching football at age of 45 coming from cricket and airhockey
at age 46 he bought a computer with internet access and FM 2008
and now hes here

localhero to be honest i feel bad for him il leave him for now .... such a victim
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