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Default Problems + Suggestions

To the admins of the forum, I would like to thank you guys for providing us a forum. I think that you guys do a good job, but there are some case and problem in the forums that you guys can look into it.

I was surfing through the forum when I suddenly found an interested old topic, however the topic was moved to Maldini thread, which make me surf through 16 over pages to find the actual posting.

Personally I feel that the thread for the players are becoming very messy due to too many topic in one thread. And it is making the forumer's life difficult for us to track down old topic. Some interesting topics that we may want people to read may also be flooded out by new topic.Honest speaking while I respect the changes of dumping all the topic into one thread but I still prefer
the old method, where people can start new thread on Milan players.

Prehaps we can set new sub forum for each Milan player, so that forumers can start new thread on the players forum. It will make our life easier and I feel that the forums will be better organised in this way
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