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In the summer of 1999, Berlusconi invited Shevchenko to live in one of his villas in Sardinia. There, the Ukrainian met the gardener's wife, who told how Silvio helped her. The woman was diagnosed with a tumor, Berlusconi referred her to the best specialists and paid for all the treatment.

Soon, Andrey's father needed help. On August 17, 2001, he received a heart transplant. Mykola Shevchenko has already flown to Milan for an operation, and at Berlusconi's request, he was observed by leading doctors. But the operation did not give the expected results. There was only one way out-transfer.

The search for a donor began, but my father was not told anything. When Andrey and his future wife Kristen were on vacation in the United States, his father's condition deteriorated sharply. Shevchenko immediately flew to Ukraine, and the first words of the doctors shocked: "He will not cope. He has two days left."

Ukrainian doctors made a mistake. Nikolai was urgently transported to Italy. Berlusconi personally kept the situation under control, and Mario Vigano, one of the best heart surgeons in the country, performed the transplant. There were no complications. When the danger was over, Shevchenko asked Vigano to allow him to attend a similar operation.

"Vigano and his colleagues are magicians," writes Andrey. - If I made a mistake on the pitch, people would whistle. If the doctors were wrong, people died." Mykola Shevchenko lived with a donor heart for 15 years. He died in March 2016.

🗣️ Andrey's Shevchenko autobiography:
"Silent Power. My life. My football."

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