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Ummm... because being marked while playing from the wing presents a totally different challenge and requires a different skill set that he's more suited for, thus he finds himself in better scoring positions? Furthermore, playing as a winger is completely and fundamentally different and thus "easier" to score for quicker players in modern football as opposed to being marked while playing from a central position by taller, more physical defenders?
Originally Posted by jawz10 View Post
I think you're mistaking position with "role." Rebic plays best as a SS or Winger, I don't think he excels in playing as the central focus of the attack because of the kind of attention it draws from defenders. His role is best when he's a supporting/secondary/late running option in the box as opposed to the guy fighting with central defenders.
Spot on. Vulture just take the L on this one. Let's move onto the next argument lol

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