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Originally Posted by Charbel View Post
Kalulu might not be our future cb. He definitely did some mistakes. But to build on these mistakes and on some stats ( when this is his first professional season )in assuming that there is no chance he can make it as CB is shortsighted. He was brought in as RB and I think thats where he will be. If Conti does leave, we definitely need him there. The administration seems to think the same as they are targeting a young CB. And unless we plan to sell Roma, there?s no immediate reason for that if we think Kalulu can play there regularly. So obviously the plan is for him to play RB.

What is weird is that we havent went for a left CB. But maybe there isnt much out there.
There are very few good, ball playing, available LCBs, which is why Romagnoli is highly sought after.

I also agree with you generally about Kalulu. He's definitely more of a RB to me than anything else, but it's too early to tell. I'll be surprised if he manages to overcome his height limitation and become a great CB. His qualities are much, much better suited as a RB, and the way we play our RB is very defensive anyway.

On Vulture, I usually sort of agree with the overall points he tries to make sometimes, but his problem is that he's positioning himself as an all-knowing figure that uses data to support the arguments he's making, but all too often he cherry picks and uses bad faith arguments to support whatever claim he's making. For example the ridiculous Kalulu Simakan comparison. Any data analyst would just say 'we don't have enough data to make a claim'. He can't say this because he has this obsession about being right all the time. Dude, relax, no one cares. Just say "I think Simakan is a better defender because he's physically more suited to aerial challenges". You don't need to say "he has 0.2 more aerials won than Kalulu so he's the better CB" when we all know how stupid that is because of the lack of data.
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