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Originally Posted by Tfat View Post
Who is that fairy and where can Milan sign him?

Lolno. He got knocked out by Germany. Not Wales. History aside, he was expected to get knocked out. He was expected to get knocked out vs Spain as well. You don't get blamed for losing to a superior team. He was never in a winning position either that some judgement in tactics cost him the game.

Because he isn't playing for Napoli to score 12 goals and 10 assists for starters.

But the main point is they didn't have to do anything last season. Deschamps said it best when dropping Nasri for the world cup , "a national team isn't made of the best 23 players but the most functioning 23 players".

Germany was going to have the bulk of the possession today. That meant Italy's pressing would have to be top notch in both attack and defense. No way was insigne going to play an up tempo pressing game.

He was brought on late because Germany were tired and hummels was on a yellow. That was the best time insigne could make a difference - running at tired German legs. Tired because they were kept on their toes by some good pressing from eder, giach and pelle.

Khedira and gomes getting injured that early in the game was unexpected, and conte didn't take advantage of it. You saw how germany were under control when they took the tempo up and scored the goal , luckily for italy gomez got injured. So really he was in a position to do some tactical changes, if he didn't settle for penalties the moment they equalised.

He played exactly the same way even against the likes of irland and sweden. Are swedens midfield that much better than italys, lol.
I give him that he tactically outplayed the belgium coach (one of the worst coach in the tournament). Though It was easier to play against spain as their off the ball movements were almost nonexistent. It was like watching the post barca team without messi.

Anyway this discussion is turning out to be pointless. We simply don't agree..
The only thing i have to say is, congrats to him for getting the best out of eder, giaccherini and pelle.


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