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Originally Posted by newyyj
Originally Posted by Ozmosis
Originally Posted by mellanie
Originally Posted by cute_medusa
what about Sergio Conceicao, Kallon or Mutu??
Dreaming about Inter players??? OK
Should I follow this crazy idea... I'd prefer the best...

Francesco Toldo
Fabio Cannavaro or Cordoba
Hernan Crespo
How about Recoba? he's quite good, don't you think?
Yes,he is a great player,but I don't think he will leave Inter
How about coco?

aaaah man !!!! have you been around lately??? didnt you know that Coco didnt want to play for milan eventhough he was a milan player??? Milan sold him to Inter just a couple of months ago man.... no way at least I want him back... i HATE him!!!

That's all folks...!
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