Milan's problems last season

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Nov 25, 2013
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So i don't know if this is the right place to post this thread, feel free to move it to where ever is the right place
but i have been making youtube videos and facebook posts recently about Milan's problems so i thought i could post the screen shots here

The first problem is Giroud, a classic striker who is very good at finishing but not nearly good in contributing to the build up
he can't pass, 95% of his passes is behind the intended player and he doesn't run or move as quickly as needed to create space
he is negatively affecting the attack and the midfield and here is why

most teams in the league are built to defend, even their play makers can defend and Krunic or Tonali could play as a play maker in those teams
even their wingers are used to contribute to defending
so they have more players defending than the rest
on the other hand Milan playing with 2 wingers and each one is on a side, can't really have a link between Leao and Messias
so if Leao has the ball, he loses Messias as a possible option to pass to and Messias can't appear to him to support him
Brahim Diaz is going too deep to support the midfield seeing as Milan is playing with only 2 there so Diaz and Messias are constantly dropping deep to support defensively
so from 4 in the front Leao lost 2 of them and the third is Giroud who is always going towards the box waiting for a cross
that makes every player with the ball as if he is fighting alone, he faces too much of the opponents' players who can defend and they try to get the ball from him

while if Milan used a striker who can pass and a third player who can be available for a pass and to break the opponent's defensive line, it could make every player look a lot better
and the fourth player would be replaced by a third in the midfield so no one from the attack has to constantly go back to defend

1. here is a screen shot from Milan's second leg against Napoli in champions league
Giroud is offside, Brahim Diaz has his back to him so no problem

01 Giroud.jpg

2. but Dias passes it to Krunic who passed it first touch to Ismael Ben Nasser
02 Giroud.jpg

3. now Ismael is trying to get past Napoli's defender

03 Giroud.jpg

4. Ismael is free and could pass to Giroud, only Giroud is still offside so he passed it to Leao instead
if Giroud got back two steps, this could've resulted in an easy goal for Milan, instead Leao lost the ball

04 Giroud.jpg

the problem is your midfield players and attacking players are playing outnumbered, maybe Napoli could let you have some space but other teams from 8th place till 20th wouldn't let you have that
so your striker should try to create gaps in their defense
now Giroud is not normally staying offside but even when he is not, he doesn't create any space for his team mates so they could breathe and have time and space to do something

now let us see Leao and what he faces against other teams


09 Leao.jpg

10 Leao.jpg


11 Leao.jpg
Notice in minutes 73, 74 and 75 and he is facing 4 and 3 and 3 players to stop him

12 Leao.jpg

now another example with Alexis Saelemaekers

9. Alexis Saelemaekers has the ball on the right, a big space in the rectangle that if Giroud got into he would take the defender on his left with him allowing either Leao or Diaz to get there
so Alexis could pass to them or pass to Giroud one two to get past that defender in front of him or could take advantage of the defender worrying whether to block Alexis getting forward or an angle that he could pass to Giroud and that would allow Alexis to get forward and dribble past him


10. instead of all that with a simple run to the right, Giroud chose to run towards the goal to get in position for a cross that never came
so the defender on his left stayed with him and had no trouble, Leao and Diaz couldn't get into a dangerous position as they were blocked by Giroud
and Alexis had another defender in front of him to support the first one, tried to dribble but lost the ball

how many times the players could've done a lot better with another striker who can move to the right or the left instead of only focusing on getting into position for a cross?