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Have you ever to feel like a squeezed lemon after talking with someone? Most likely, the reason is in the same: we speak too much and listen too little.
When my voice returns, I will use it more thoughtfully. Learn to clearly formulate your thoughts for a long time was one of my main goals, and I managed to advance well in this, leading a diary.
It is worth expressing more and more precisely
Fortunately, I can still talk a bit. But no more than one sentence - otherwise it becomes painful. And, moreover, I can not raise my voice at all. This means two things:
- Now I carefully select every word;
- When I say, it should be quiet.
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Ya, I agree with you, I also have this habit that I should carefully select every word, so many people think I'm an introvert person haha, no problem at all. To be honest, this is a good action when I need think more carefully
What carl jung do you recommend i should read first
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Try the The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious as a beginner.
Memories, dreams, reflections: if you want to apply some analytics on yourself.
Start with an open mind.
Sadly that's true, they are very expensive in Italy. I did mine in Austria before I left and it was within the 48 hours. I stayed for a few days in Italy afterwards, but then I just did an antigen test so I can travel back home and also in Italy you can only access restaurants, museums etc. with the green pass.
I'd like to go to another game this season, but I'll wait for 2022 and hopefully by then things will be easier. It really sucks to need tests for everything.
This is from the Milan website, just checked it:

Hold a valid Green Pass (vaccination after 14 days first dose or completion of the vaccination cycle ), negative PCR test in the last 48h, ex covid patient (within 6 months after infection). Children under 12 yo are exempted from presenting the Green pass
No you don't need a vaccination, a pcr test is also accepted.
I also just had a pcr test and they just scanned the QR code, no problems at all.
But in case something changes, always look at the regulations before you buy the ticket.
All the rules should be listed on the website, I think under the price listing, so look out for that.
I bought the tickets on the Milan website, I always buy them directly from Milan and no third party.
Otherwise don't think there is any problem with going to matches, nothing really has changed compared to previous years. Best to buy the tickets directly from Milan as they are personalised and you need to show a matching ID at the stadium, they control everyone. Also you need that covid green pass, that also gets checked. Don't know how long that will be mandatory, make sure to regularly check that in case anything changes.
Don't know if you've been to San Siro before, so you know which sector you prefer?
If there is anything else, something specific you want to know please ask.
I dont see Brazil winning the world Cup anytime soon. I feel like football has evolved to suit the central European game, especially now with all the recent changes to the game, it demands a lot of group organization and it cancels out individual trickery that the Latins have.

I agree about what you said about the players, it also shows how the game has evolved to suit a certain approach. I am actually so dissapointed with modern football. But maybe I'm getting old and cynical.

I am from Jordan, we are not known for football, or anything else really, it's very politically oriented here and I'm not so much into that. We're a small fish in a dangerous pond and we're trying to survive.

We have a derby match that is very intense, but unfortunately the level of play has regressed so much in recent years that no one wants to attend matches anymore. This is a shame because at one point we were heading in the right direction, in 2014 we played Uruguay for the WC play off match.
Cheers my friend, 'australiano' appears after a car my father had in the 90's, an Omega Australiano, and 1980 is my bithyear.

Several factor are dragging brazilian football, it always have always had ups and downs.. but this time, agents are doing the dirty work, taking kids too soon to do a job that they arent still able to do. Thats why so many fails. Last example, Paquet?, he is great, but wasnt really ready to leave the country.

On the other hand the likes of Diego Carlos leave early, but they didnt actually develop any sense of what it mean to defend the national team. Guys like Daniel Alves can lose a World Cup and go to a party in the same night.

And the main thing is, coaching, we dont have coaches anymore. Tite is surviving after be a intern for Ancelotti at Madrid. He recycled himself a little and thats it. A coaching crysis is going on in Brazil right now.

But this happens, suddlenly from nowhere we can win a World Cup.

About you? Where you from? Hows football?
Cheers my friend, so why are you called Australiano if you're from Brazil?
Knee injuries are difficult to return from especially if you get ligament damage.
Why do you think Brazilian football has regressed so much, in quality and in style?
Thanx man. Like yours too. Yeah, I am from Brazil.
I did play alot, today im 41 years old with broken knee. Can't handle play anymore. But my life is watching football you know.

Btw, im not anti Pioli, im just not a big fan of his work, the kids in here are maaaad :)
Hey I'm from Delhi as well.
Just wanted to say Hi to a fellow milanista from the same place.
Best wishes to you as well. :)

We don't see you around to much nowadays. Busy family life?