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    Roque Santa Cruz

    AC Milan hope Santa comes in January as Italian giants eye Manchester City misfit Roque Source: Daily Mail By SPORTSMAIL REPORTER Last updated at 3:02 PM on 1st December 2010
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    Human Rights: Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness

    We have threads about numerous social issues but this seems to me the most important one. I hope members can discuss issues here without resulting to insults of nations, religions or politicians. As much as we'd like to believe that this world is a place where all humans are equal, we can't...
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    It's March Madness Baby!!!

    That time is once again upon us. The NCAA basketball tournament will be starting soon and i just wanted to have a thread for it. I'm an Illinois alum so i gotta bleed orange and blue.even thoug our team isn't as strong as it has been in the past, we finished the season strong and we should be...
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    Making Milan a Classy Team Again

    Even though Galliani is still in denial, our current team is simply not what it used to be. he recently said that by replacing stam with oddo and sheva with ronaldo, we have returned to the days of old. Who is he kidding? Does that mean last year's team was legendary? Fact of the matter is...
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    I'm Pissed off and I Need to Vent

    Well, I'm not the only one. This forum gets so many new threads with people who just want to whine and moan about things. That is one of the things that pisses me off. Here's the thing. There's no problem with people whining and moaning. It's completely normal. It just needs to be done in...
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    Milan Declares War on Madrid

    MADRID, July 26 (Reuters) - AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani fired an angry broadside at Real Madrid on Wednesday for their attempts to lure Brazilian midfielder Kaka to Spain. Venting his fury at Real president Ramon Calderon and sports director Predrag Mijatovic, Galliani told Spanish...
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    Who should be our new #10?

    So with Rui Costa leaving, the 10 shirt available for players. According to Football Italia, Galliani has stated, “Clarence Seedorf rang me to ask if he could inherit Manuel Rui Costa’s Number 10 jersey, so this shows you he has no intention of leaving Milan. Christian Abbiati, Marco Borriello...
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    Is Italy Overhyped?

    I recently ran across an article on ESPN's soccernet website where their resident Italian Football expert gives his take on the Azzuri's chances in the upcoming world cup and he also expresses concerns with the team...
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    Hell's XI

    I just read the thread about the Dream XI. I just wanted to know what kind of team someone could make starring the most hated players for Milan fans. Anyone remember that Nike ad from WC 98 where these players, including Maldini, were playing against these guys from hell who played dirty. Who...
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    Worst Rumour Ever Pt II

    I have a personalised google home page and i have it set to give me AC Milan news. Unfortunately, that service keeps giving me hits from aka This is what the geniuses at this "news" service have now conjured up. I don't think this could actually happen...
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    Possible replacements IF Carlo left

    No way back at AC Milan for Ancelotti - February 3, 2006 Billy Costacurta has joined Paolo Maldini in being linked with Carlo Ancelotti's job at AC Milan. Both Milan defenders are candidates to take over from Ancelotti in a caretaker role should the coach be shown the door...