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Have you ever to feel like a squeezed lemon after talking with someone? Most likely, the reason is in the same: we speak too much and listen too little.
When my voice returns, I will use it more thoughtfully. Learn to clearly formulate your thoughts for a long time was one of my main goals, and I managed to advance well in this, leading a diary.
It is worth expressing more and more precisely
Fortunately, I can still talk a bit. But no more than one sentence - otherwise it becomes painful. And, moreover, I can not raise my voice at all. This means two things:
- Now I carefully select every word;
- When I say, it should be quiet.
What carl jung do you recommend i should read first
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Try the The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious as a beginner.
Memories, dreams, reflections: if you want to apply some analytics on yourself.
Start with an open mind.