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  • I dont see Brazil winning the world Cup anytime soon. I feel like football has evolved to suit the central European game, especially now with all the recent changes to the game, it demands a lot of group organization and it cancels out individual trickery that the Latins have.

    I agree about what you said about the players, it also shows how the game has evolved to suit a certain approach. I am actually so dissapointed with modern football. But maybe I'm getting old and cynical.

    I am from Jordan, we are not known for football, or anything else really, it's very politically oriented here and I'm not so much into that. We're a small fish in a dangerous pond and we're trying to survive.

    We have a derby match that is very intense, but unfortunately the level of play has regressed so much in recent years that no one wants to attend matches anymore. This is a shame because at one point we were heading in the right direction, in 2014 we played Uruguay for the WC play off match.
    Cheers my friend, so why are you called Australiano if you're from Brazil?
    Knee injuries are difficult to return from especially if you get ligament damage.
    Why do you think Brazilian football has regressed so much, in quality and in style?
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