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IL PHANTOMO 22-07-2002 09:34

guys, help me plz...why I cannot insert here my avatar and signature?? how many posts should I have so that I could use custom avatars ?? mine one is animated and it is 64x64 and less than 8 kb.....but still does not work!

David 22-07-2002 15:30

Even if it's larger than 8kb, your avatar should still work since it will be located on a remote server. How do you mean it doesn't works? It doesn't show up? If they don't show up, then it seems that the server you currently use to host your avatars doesn't allow their files [images] to be shown on other sites.


IL PHANTOMO 24-07-2002 12:59

YES DAVID, it does not show!:( what should I do about it! the same applies to my signature...could u help me plz with that?

David 24-07-2002 14:02

Well, you should find yourself a free host that allows you to put their images on other servers. No host comes into my mind, but if any of you people knows any, then make sure to post one here. There was, but they don't allow registrations until they open their new site.


David 24-07-2002 18:42

Check out, register and upload your avatar and signature. That should be the answer to your problems. ;)


efford 25-07-2002 17:05

aaah yeah ;) -It's GREAT! :devil3:

Alex 25-07-2002 22:18

If anyone needs help, I can create avatars. :cool:

Diablo 30-07-2002 21:08

Try this one too, you get 50mbs free web space:

Same here, if anyone needs help with sigs and avatars, just shout.... :devil2:

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