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Ash 28-09-2020 23:11

Official: Jens Petter Hauge Thread
Date of Birth : 12th October 1999
Citizenship: Norway
Height: 1.84 CM
Position: Left Winger (Right Winger/Attacking Midfielder)

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Riffstein 28-09-2020 23:56

Welcome, I expect great things from him.

Milan2012 29-09-2020 05:06

It?s great the low cost deal and only expected to be a Rebic backup sets the perfect stage for him. Doesn?t have to deal with the insane pressure, it?s all up to him if he succeeds.

Stitches 29-09-2020 07:40

yesss, back at San Siro

Ash 29-09-2020 08:13

Hauge this year

Haaland next year!

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voom 29-09-2020 08:27

Welcome champ.

Thenebra 29-09-2020 08:27

That was quick.

Very nice...

WILL2K 29-09-2020 09:18


Birsaforever 29-09-2020 09:18

Yes yes yes

joyrider 29-09-2020 10:23

Hauge is on his way to Milan and hopes to close a deal within the next days.

“It’s clearly a massive club,” Hauge told Norwegian TV2. “As these things have become a reality in recent days, it’s obviously quite big.

“I feel I can manage to claim a place in that Milan side.”

The 20-year-old, who scored and assisted in the 3-2 defeat to Milan last week, will meet the agents and is expected to go through the required medical before signing this week.

“It’s exciting to see what the next days will bring. I hope we will make this happen now,” he added. “It was the right decision for all parties involved.

“It was a step I felt ready to take. I need to thank Glimt for the cooperation we have had in the last days.”

Hauge reveals he has spoken to technical director Paolo Maldini and looks forward to work with the stars at San Siro.

“I have been in talks and of course I look forward to return there and talk properly with these people,” he said.

“Today, I mostly travel and go through tests, then it will be exciting to see what happens next.”

Hauge has scored 14 goals in 17 League games this term, contributing nine assists in the process.

Casualista 29-09-2020 10:28

High expectations with this one.

A quick two footed winger that can play on both wings with a great shot. Ability to charge at the opposition and stretch them. Excellent acquisition.

Our counters have looked a little slow this year. I want him to really take that aspect of our game to the next level.

MilanSpecialist 30-09-2020 01:32

Looking forward to this guy. For the price, and the unpolished talent, this could be a great pick up. Especially since Rebic just went down.

Wild 30-09-2020 11:39

I love this kid.
I expect him to bench any player ahead of him.

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Ash 30-09-2020 12:26


Originally Posted by Wild (Post 3181640)
I love this kid.
I expect him to bench any player ahead of him.

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Am excited for him too

But maybe we need to tone down on the hype a bit until he plays for us.

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Stitches 30-09-2020 13:26

JP born to dominate

Savo 30-09-2020 15:35

What a brilliantly quick signing. For a risk of 5million this is weeeeeell worth it. Nice work Paolo

Benz_1803 30-09-2020 23:04

Looks quick and press resistance with his skillsets. Lets go JP...

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Benz_1803 30-09-2020 23:05


Originally Posted by Stitches (Post 3181795)
JP born to dominate

You found new cool name for him[emoji106][emoji106]

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Pingu 01-10-2020 08:02

Should be official end of this week!

Milan10 01-10-2020 08:08

When was the last time this forum was so universally for a signing?!

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