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Originally Posted by Alec View Post
Look at context.

Leo had what - 21 days and UEFA on his ass for mercato? Yeah, shit situation.

We took Laxalt because Genoa had money issues when trying to pay for Lapadula; Laxalt had decent WC; Leo may have already known that Strinic had a heart problem.

Samu was taken because of Villareal and their money problems. Why? Because we needed a LW anyway and Samu can play LW and RW, therefore being backup to both Hakan and Suso and we were looking to offload Bacca who only wanted Villareal.

These aren't really bad transfers and judging them now is way too soon. Samu and Laxalt are inconsistent but they have good moments too. They aren't players that came for big money, don't expect great things - manage your expectations for them in a realistic fashion and you'll have a better, more accurate judgement.
dont agree ,

sois it better to buy bad or not to buy any.
genoa had money problems so we gave another 4 mil + lapa for laxalt,fuck that i would take only laxat for lapa + some young plaayer. again not good from leo

bacca wanted out ,fuck him mandzukic wanted out but jube told no sit down and wait look what happend ,then you say we didint paid to much ,we fucking paid 18 mil for samu who is and always will be rw.

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