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Dear NiceGuy123,

We are sorry to hear about your decision to delete your account. For over 10 years at Red & Black Forums we are trying our best to maintain and improve the Forum experience and enviroment. On matchdays members enjoy the latest news regarding to injuries, tactical adjustments and line-ups in the relevant match thread. During matchdays you can enjoy yourself in threads, such as the Rumour Commode, Player threads and have tons of fun in the multimedia section! Having enough talking about football? No problem! Entertain yourself in the off-topic section of the Forum or have a fun Mafia Game. In a nutshell, enough reasons to reconsider your decision!

We ask you kindly to help us improve our Forum by filling in this short survey.
Please rate us on a scale from 1 to 10. 1 (the lowest) and 10 (the highest)
1. What did you think of the lay-out of the Forum?
2. How did you experience the hospitality of other Forum Members?
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4. On a daily basic, how frequent do you check the Forum?
5. How likely is it that you recommend us to a friend, familymember or colleague?
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Thank you!

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Originally Posted by Presidente
Le confesso che vedere tutti questi stranieri giocare nelle squadre italiane mi lascia perplesso. Mi fa male vedere molte squadre italiane in campo con undici stranieri. Per il futuro del mio Milan vorrei una rosa di giovani tutti Italiani. E magari...tutti campioni.
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