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  • hahah, you really beat the shit out of me.

    I thought I could win against you if I played with Mexico, but you seem to be a traitor :D
    Modric, Honda, Guiliano even Ganso would fit the mold. Since I don't think any are attainable in January I am just hoping Lazzari comes. Extremely underrated and can play both. In the summer we can work on a real AM and Lazzari can be squad status. you know play in CM sometimes when we wanna attack. Replace CAM when he's tired etc.
    Id love him but i dont see motivation for fiorentina to sell him cheap yet and i cant see our management spending big while hes injured. and i still think it might be wiser to go for a seedorf replacement. Someone capable of playing a 3man v minnow teams allowing robinho to start and someonne capable. Of a higher up role v. Tougher teams. But I wouldn't complain with jovetic one bit. Ultimately we need both types if for nothing more than depth.....
    Interesting stuff, thanks for sharing it. :) I'm planning to write about Latin American security this semester, so I'll be keeping an eye on this stuff.

    How's things?
    Here's my thought. Last year Dinho started 34 games, Pato 20 and Borriello 27. That's 33 starts to other people. We're fooling ourselves if we think all 3 of our attackers can stay healthy. Someone will pick up a knock at some point. Second Robinho allows milan to properly rotate, always have a super sub and stay fresh. Third with all the additions, i expect milan to go atleast to quarters in ucl. An additional 10 games. Thats 48 games in league and UCL.

    Point being if Allegri can properly rotate barring defense going out, this team should challenge for scudetto till match day 38 and in ucl, meaning everyone should get enough games.
    You really left me hanging here. Do you know how long it took me to find an upside down question mark? :mad:
    Is it? I'm actually thinking it's some 12-yo girl pretending to be someone else. Feel kind of bad now, oh well. :D
    Marquez is a dirty homo.

    actually, out of curiosity what do you think of Marquez? (I'm way more pro-him than 99% of americans who outright hate him)
    Lo estoy intendado paso a paso (y sino lo logro por lo menos voy a destruir ese tema utilizando su método de troll).
    He'll eventually be remembered positively by everyone including me, I just need some time to heal. </3

    Oh and if Canada wins the next WC, watch out for flying asteroids, because the world would surely be coming to an end? :tongue:
    At least we've won a World Cup. Four to be precise. ;)

    There's really no comeback for that. :D I win this discussion.
    I'm sorry, Lippi's getting a little old. He's losing his memory, making stupid call-ups, etc.
    No way.. I think I will finally get to the point of hating him (just a little) if he scores against us. :tongue:
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