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  • such a troll of a dad :lol: thank god your family is sane otherwise your kid would have beaten your old ass 20 years from now :D

    enjoy my maann you deserve it :beer:
    yeh i heard E! and CNN reported the news too. yes insyaAllah will be having another daughter in 2 months, thanks man.

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet all kind of love and wishes from me

    Maldiniac Jr we didi :proud:

    de marzioooooooooooooooo
    yo marzio reported you will be father again .. am i right if not forgive patosheva
    she is alive in your heart and thoughts :beer:

    ohwell work is getting better .. i develop software for tv stations and broadcasting industry .. looking to change job .. will happen .. just waiting patiently and pounding :D
    forget about trivial shit .. how is your family? i dont know whether its the right question to ask
    I know .. but he is so up in sages arse that i wont be hearing from him:D then again i have complete respect for under age kids .. shit rules are very nasty for slapping young kids .. myy dad wont pay for the bond :fp:
    naaah kids they are owning me :fp: i just want you hentai fat commander ... I will get him soon :D
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