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Originally Posted by benjamin View Post
This kinda thinking, made us lose Hernanes, Hamsik and some other players. Always thinking they are not enough. Obviously he has the potential, what he needs now is a team for the step up to world class level.
Yeah and this kinda thinking also made us buy Bonera, Boriello, Onyewu and some other players.... I know what you mean, and of course we have to keep our eyes open for new/young talents, but there is a difference between good, very good and world class. At Milan, we do not especially need our whole squad to be world class, but the very good players must be able to elevate their level to the highest, as a result of perfect team cohesion. Remember, our goal is to get the Champions League trophy this year and we have to compete with teams like Barcelona and ManU... This means we just cannot afford ourselves to buy a (at-this-moment-extremely-needed) midfielder of whom we do not entirely know he has the qualities to be Milan material.

As I said, I watch him play every week, and believe me, he still has a lot of bad moments. I'm not saying he can't improve, but AT THIS MOMENT, we need our money to be very well invested, because we have no time to lose anymore.

Btw, you said 'obviously he has the potential'... so I assume you know this player very well and you follow the Belgian Jupiler League all of the time? Just curious.
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