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Originally Posted by Ashish View Post
I love you Tennessee fag
Originally Posted by drucurl View Post
Big love to Mr Anonymous, Anilak and my n***a 615- some of the friendliest posters on the forum. Love n/h to Anilak who never seems to get involved in the silly fights that I find myself embroiled in . Mr Anonymous I still owe you and your wife dinner.
Originally Posted by Senatore_M84 View Post
i want to thank....

615- for having great taste in women
Originally Posted by Congo Powers View Post
wow i just recently noticed this thread.

so much <3 going on here.

u guys know i <3 u all...u know who u r...615/dru/sm84/sash/calum/hdcantona/jaspie/sophie/dubaimilanist(srry for leaving any1out) etc etc etc. also all u assorted eeyores out there too.

but i also want to commend ali daei. i feel like he offers valuable insight with his posts and we r usually on the same page.

y/h to ali daei from me 2 u

I luh you guys like a fat kid loves cake.

i'd make a list of my own but i know i could never remember EVERYone and i don't want to leave anyone know who you are <3

this forum is the shite
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