The Rumour Commode XXXV: Champions Edition

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Mar 15, 2014
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Hanging out with family mid-week last week, I announced, without any provocation or any respect for what was actually being discussed, that Napoli would fall away in the next 2-3 rounds and it will be between us and Inter until May 15. We’ll need a win against Atalanta to clinch the Scudetto, and we will win 1-0. We will be 3 points ahead of Inter after that Atalanta game, and will look back at the Giroud swivel and shot to make it 2-1 against Inter as season-deciding. The Sassuolo game will be played in a party atmosphere, and Berardi will murder us, as is customary. Inter will win their final game but lose the Scudetto on H2H.

I am still sticking with this prediction that I made half-jokingly on April 10.
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