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Originally Posted by The Bear View Post
Love Sheva, but he's way off the mark here.

For the first time since his era do we have a coherent transfer strategy that began early in the summer and not on Golden Tie August 31. Bought the best defender in the world off the league's Goliath and signed a mixture of young, hungry and experienced individuals (not marketable Beckhams and Ronaldinhos) for the right positions, players that the COACH wanted for his style of play.

And finally taking the club's rightful place among Europe's elite seriously. This says it all: a quarter of Milan's 25 record signings came this summer alone.
LOL.. Sheva get used to our long time method when one player is almost impossible to be replaced in a very long long time
When we got the winning team it is nice to see them keep playing and winning .. once they all got retired like once happened to us few months / years ago we dont have regeneration or the next generation aka our primavera team isn't ready enough to play as high as our first team. It is nice to see few options in the same position. The players themselves will be more competitive because they will got a little competition all players for each position. Our management main task is also to keep the balance among the players. Because many good players means many egos. But love Sheva though

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