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  • I live in Oxford. Would have to get the Tube or the Train if I were to go. Though I doubt I'll even think of coming for a long time yet.
    Yeah, it's good to have them here. I was just thinking if there is more. Keep up the good work.
    Great posters dude. Do you have a blog/site where you put all your work? (the UKfanspage)
    Its free with Virgin.
    I think something like £8 a month for SKY. I think I only had to watch 2/3 games streaming last year. They're on today. They'll always have 3 Serie A games on. At least two live too. I had to avoid finding out the Lazio result and watched it at 10.00 am Saturday.
    5 quid. but tv quality streams.
    ESPN shows most league games fortunately.
    I put it as my avatar after Arsenal game, he doesnt get the credit he deserves.
    It looks like they only offer UCL games online on sky if you're a sky customer which makes no sense. Why would they stop offering it to non sky customers? Crazy.Surely they'll make a loss this way.
    Streams for UCL this year I guess.
    1st Half: SOURCE: DVB-S / CODEC: XviD / FORMAT: AVI / AUDIO: MP3 80 Kbps

    2nd half: FORMAT: FLV / AUDIO: ITALIAN MP3 64Kbps / VIDEO: 600X450

    if u want other then u'll need to wait :tongue: and will post celebrations in thread along with match which i sent u. :)
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