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  • high as fuck (summer yay) and bored lol. Did you read GOT books?

    did snow melt in estonia?
    yup i started reading about it, lot of england bullshit couldnt labor would try again, i like that book from prologue
    yo prick find something to write? what do you want to write? defenders and hair length?
    i am going through that video.oh yes there is a huge luck involved, schematics, management. for example berlu sachhi/capello era. popovich spurs duncan, manu, rc bufford era. its just coach is the CEO you know , you never know how to calculate the blame/praise ratio over there . we can discuss on that , winners always win the argument in these kind of scenarios regardless of the condition or the work they have done. How do you evaluate success? longevity? consistent good performances(even without trophies) arsenal, or one and done like lazio? Its a long ass discussion not even an article and which will mess up more than we want, we can have a discussion kind of blog where you and me discuss on different things because we dont have inside access and 90% of the things out there are myths and perception. what about the edge, what about interpersonal skills, analytics, family atmosphere, money in the marker, grooming, toughness in schedule etc
    yeah heard about fever pitch, my friend read it and recommended it. I then transitioned from a wannabe ultra to a very loyal disillusioned fan, will read it later.

    Coaching edge we should research on it, do you want to bring the entire management team under it or just tactics? because a club cannot be controlled by a single man without assistance and then again when was the last time there was a radical shif in tactics? sacchi? spain/bartha ? i am not good in reading the tactics right away but can look into patterns if i focus. Thats a good topic, is there any stats where we can see a pattern, good player and good coaches makes it successful. lets sleep on it
    hey casper do you want to write about anything in football, my appetite of the game is dying down dramatically because I am more of a milan fan than football fan, and when team goes in a bad patch you circle your wagons and become more narrow minded. I was wondering if you have any projects or ideas you have about football/milan we could research and write, I dont have motor for it but hey trolling will get me bannend here and I hate almost 95& of posters here and I dont have the discipline to stick with ignorelist :fp:

    Holy shite man civil war is awesome :D its liek admiring the work of a jazz artist even if you dont know shit about music :D well fuck its longer than a serie a season so I wont drag you in unless you have little bit interest in it .
    I completed watching that WM3, you are right media is doing wrong to the stepdad, unless and untill there is hard evidence dont go after it . Usually 75% of crimes are commited by people near to the victims but show me the evidence. man looking back turtles and some stupid people fucked up those kids :fp: well shit like this happens good use of social network and internet. Yes Brigada I was talking about, should watch it but i dont have much appetite for violence and hardship, I am nonfiction guy but these days i chill usual beer, weed, etc but I will watch it when I have time.

    You are right about 30 for 30 they are doing good, its so better than usual sportcenter and splashy crap. Do you have any good football documentaries which we can relate(this generation)
    man he talked a lot on that topic, thats very nice of him.
    Obviously whole world is there and they can discuss everything. I think old 30 for 30 were better may be with time i will change that view. yes watch true detective after the season is over its long and more of silent type so if you binge watch it you will skip most of it. well its better than investing and waiting for the episode in between super ball / sochi crap. How is deliver us from evil? i want to watch it, the docs you watch are so intense i am not used to that now . I know you are not american but if any american wants to see a documentary ken burns Civil war man its a piece of art :eek:

    have you watched frozen plannet? its a beauty of photography then again you live in estonia there wont be any fascination with white coke outside your window throughout the year. Whats the series you mentioned about oil billionaires? the one with chelsea and bets owners are involved?
    no i was looking some place to hang out when I am bored at work, yeah you are right about step dad , i will watch paradise lost this weekend. Do you watch true detective? its high fan fare series nothing serious has happened but woody harreson and mathew mcgawhatever is good. Whats your fav documentary? and series (other than wire)
    fuck man i already got bored, no sports on the tv and its been raining for a week, sheet I hate commode season
    Thanks for editing the post Jasper, now I can see that some people might have go shocked while seeing it.
    I somehow managed to not see a few pages in which you showed your tickets for Milan - Barcelona. Saying 'have fun' in the thread would make me slowpoke #1 in the world. So I'm doing it through here.

    Haha. Yes, hondenlul means dog's dick. We use it as an insult. Piet Romeijn made it famous when he said it to a referee in his time at Feyenoord. He got suspended for it. Piet stated later he said 'onbenul' which rhymes with hondenlul. Onbenul is also an insult but not so hard. Its like saying: silly.
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