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  • And I was inspired to look up for that while I'm listening to the song that exemplifies everything that you mean to me Jasper, said I loved you but I lied, this is more than love I feel inside....said I loved but I was wrong...cause love could never ever feel sooo strong...said I loved you but I lied.
    <3 you i got 20 euro rebate that knocks of 17 Euro shipment bitch is coming to papa

    I'm doing good (busy, but good). What, delicious meatpie? :lol:

    Here's something I made rather quickly:

    (red letters: http://i.imgur.com/D49o5.png)

    I wanted to get a CL photo but it's surprisingly hard to get a good quality picture with an easy background to edit out.. hope this is OK.
    Hahahaha :lol: :lol: I never seen that before. Yes Jasp, it's definitely real :D
    Thank you for sending me this. Awesome xD.
    I'll eat all of your pie. I'm sure your pie is delicious. :lol:

    No hey Cristina, how you've been Cristina, what's up Cristina, just straight to asking me to do something. I feel used and abused. :o

    I'm not really sure, but usually these things take about 5-10 mins?
    PS- Please don't tell me this isn't the right shade of orange.

    That site is funny. These are the winners really:

    "You know you are Estonian when...
    You have the urge to go to every big concert in Estonia, even if you don't actually like the act, but just to say you went there. "

    "You know you are Estonian when...
    You become extremely excited everytime someone says that they like Estonia and want to live here and even learn Estonian."

    "You know you are Estonian when...
    You are patriotic Estonia-lover but you want to live abroad so bad." :lol:

    "You know you are Estonian when...
    It's impossible to go somewhere in the country without meeting someone you know."

    "You know you are Estonian when...
    You don't mind living in the most unreligious country in the world because you are not religious. "

    "You know you are Estonian when...
    Your bestfriend's girlfriend is your English teacher's daughter and they live the door next to your grandparents, who were colleagues with your advisor, who is friends with your..."

    I'd eat a cupcake with that to honour Estonia. We've a few travel programs on television here and I remember they went to Estonia one day. Must say, eventho it's so damn cold, it seems like a lovely country. I image the crimerate is like very close to 0%. Peace on earth.
    I guess I could post them on there but for requests etc its better they're displayed here I think no mate? Thanks for the positive comments much appreciated :)
    Hey, many thanks, no I don't, I've made them in larger resolutions than that then sized them down so they fit the page, i make them 1440 wide (macbook resolution). I guess I could put loads up on a thing there. I just discovered the Gazzetta font and actually it's a beautiful thing.
    in 2009 there on a talk show there was a well documented argument between crudeli and mourinho .. it was in italian .. do u know aboout it by any chance n if yes can you translate it for me into english.. i need it for my next article which is on crudeli .. thnks a lot .. i m trying to find that video but i think it has been removed from youtube..
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