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  • I don't know how to work the glasses in there but..

    Also if you need some pics for the match ratings you can use any of these if you want -



    Listening to it now....good interview. It was so sad to see him go :(

    Replaced by a 36 year old Laurent Blanc :head:
    How long is it? Podcasts/streams take up loads of my connection atm because I'm using a crap internet dongle with limited internet, but as long as it isn't too long I'll listen to it ;)
    I can't listen to podcasts atm for some reason, what was said on the Stam one? The Keane link was a good read .....thanks :)
    Didn't see the message, sorry. I just don't check the notifications that often, they should do a pop up like private messages. :)

    I've got no idea on a title. Anything will do.
    Is it a good idea to tweet about the loaned players / primavera ? I thought it would give the account something that not a lot of the other Milan-related accounts have.
    mmm...I can't find out how to follow an account through cotweet (not sure if I can}. Maybe David can do this?
    Sorry about the non-existence of my post :tongue: started with something,but been swamped with work at Uni .:head:

    Anyway was thinking of starting a matchday statistics thread ...they provide things on the match day analysis that they don't cover in the general summary

    Saving i would have sent you a Wine bottle for banning me :D i have another interview on 29
    Asshole i am sorry i was pissed of that time :D then good job running to daddy for PM :p
    That's like 2003, that's my main rivals (and their stadium)...that was one of my favorite players (played for my team circa 1999), and that girl is a "tierrosa". But I don't remember ever knowing that happened.
    Fuck it i like him.. but he has expired years , I only became milan fan because of maldini and i even thought he was old as fuck after 2005 :D and i was critical about nesta when he was injured.

    I dont give a fuck about pippo brigade and his wannabe milan ultra celebrations in stand when he is injured.
    Fuck it I will take my chance with myself on self control. pippo inzaghi should have retired after 2007 cl but naaah another year for breaking rauls record, i am kind of not liking it all, seedorf atleast take the abuse and is ready to play every single game

    I dont love anybody more than milan now, ronaldo is gone maldini is gone :D I like ambro and gattuso but they are useless

    Pippo :proud: two goals against real madrid, one was offside :proud: another year extension FUCK IT
    cock like you were going to change your life by drinking coffee at the corner of your room :D
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