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  • Good choice so far, I think you might want to consider few of the following: Srna, Shaqiri, Witsel, Alvaro Pereira [as you wanted Porto player], Andre Santos, Ayew, Mbia and Smalling.

    These are the low cost ones, obviously you've done very well upfront, I think adding Shaqiri in midfield will be good. Hes suspended for match-day one but hes very low cost and likely to get a few goals/assists throughout the other five games. Good to have off the bench. Another of these reliable players would be Srna, takes PKs, FKs and provides assists at Shakhtar.

    Gignac doesnt, they wanted to offload him. Ayew or Remy would be your best bet from L'OM.

    Rat is Shakhtar's starting LB, as a back up in your team it would be decent but dont depend on him to score you points. There are better fullback choices for this, I will have a look later and recommend you some :) Srna itself is a better choice than Rat.

    Maicon doesnt start, Rolando and Otamendi are the first choice CB pairing. James Rodriguez one to watch out for at Porto.

    William is a good choice, there are 4 players at at Shakhtar who you could take, in the following order: Luiz Adriano, Jadson, Willian and Douglas Costa/Dentinho.

    Douglas Costa nowadays plays the super-sub role.

    Will send you a list of possible surprise package players later on ;)
    Cologne defender Youssef Mohamad has said he has signed a two-year contract with Dubai side Al-Ahli so he can be closer to his family. "I have signed, I wanted to be near my family," the Lebanese international was quoted as saying by Bild.
    Can someone upload the file via another site? I can't seem to download it through this site.

    Why? What site would you like?
    Im Indian as you've probably gathered. But I have lived most of my life abroad though, my past destinations include Caribbean [was born and raised] where i had many Lebanese friends with the surname Kaddoura ;) and then came London where i stayed nearby the famous Edgware Road [Arab street] where i was tight with many shopkeepers and nearby there was a mini football pitch where i met more Middle East natives. I've been to Dubai as well and yeah that's how im familiar with the Arabic words. I know bits and words like that :lol:
    Yeah it did cause i dont really long on durring summer time:D

    Think i should,im embarrassing Milan there oops
    Dude i cant offer you Bayern because :

    "Charbel Frangieh already controls the maximum number of clubs they are allowed to"
    the reason i think he dint say it is coz he's not that type of a person to make that comment & sing praise of his own abilities.. if he indeed said so then i'll have it back ;)

    I saw that comment on one's blog and copy-pasted without giving much thought :fp:
    Hey thanks for the message. I never picked you on my dark list, actually the ones are on my ignored list. Don't worry, we're cool.

    I have a new job, don't have the time for internet as i used to have once.. which makes me read football news on newspapers (funny i never did that before).

    Forza Milan!
    yah not interested in cambiasso, just cause it's lateral move for me. I need upgrades at other position so thatd be my only motivation for selling now...
    i need to look at ur roster, but if u can offer me promising (now i wish i didnt sell flamini) 90-92 rated CM and another promising player 92+ range in another position and some cash you can have essien.

    I'd want 2 players youngish with potential to improve rating, one as direct replacement. In essien i'm giving oyu one of best CM/DMs whop will rase
    nay. If I was to sell essien I'd want cash + 2 players. A replacement and a player in another position of weakness, perhaps AM or defender....
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