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  • Другар ќе сакаш ли да ми дадеш контакт од тебе? ФБ/мсн/скајп?

    Имам една идеја/предлог па да се читнеме :d
    Aight. I'll give it few days though. Let Aquilani have it's day today, then I'll try to do Barca ratings and the day after that we'll pinch in your story. I believe we can play like that since it's a story that doesn't loose it's significance like the playerratings.
    Sheva piece will go to the blog. You want to try it out yourself or should someone do it?
    Week or so is good. Month or so is good. What matters is the quality material ;) Gattuso took me a week. Maldini is taking me a year ... and is going to flop like Chinese Democracy.
    good to hear from you,bro,i'm really glad.
    i'm all good,just came back from work,we having some friends tonight,cooking some shrimps and more.It's gonna be a great night.
    But the sadness of the last game is not leaving my mind and mu soul.I guess we are witnessing some very bad times.Hopefully in a very short time we all will laugh at this situation.It's all life,you know. :)
    Haha. Samo lo ži nemoj da se smrzne š :)

    I ja mrzim zimu, evo jucer malo izasao da popijem pivo i smrzuo sam se pravo. Bilo je -14 stepeni kad sam se vracao kuci.
    Kakve su nam sanse sutra? Romu nismo dugo pobijedili ali mislim da sutra imamo dobru sansu. Samo se nadam da odbrana nece praviti glupe greske.
    Weather's cold, been under zero for the past month or so. Hate winter, since I'm not very keen on the winter sports, my nose runs down like crazy, and had a crash with my car so I'm doomed to walk the icy streets till it gets back from repairs, so basically I'm going to have a broken leg in a couple of days.

    Preživjet ćemo ovu zimu, nekako...
    Hey man, whats up ??
    What kind of weather is in Macedonia. Its freakin cold here in Bosnia, last couple of days is minus temperature all the time. I just hate winter !!
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